The Cottages Entry Monument

Pippin Design Inc. was asked to design a unique entry monument for a residential community called The Cottages. The client wanted to portray the community as a rugged, hidden treasure nestled away in the woods. We chose colors, materials and a illustrated a custom hanging sign design with intimate lantern lights to accentuate the secret hideaway feel the client was looking for.

Signage and Entry Monuments

Entry Monuments

Whether you have a residential community located in an intimate, rural close-knit subdivision or a professional business on a busy urban intersection it is important that your name get noticed. Not only does it need to stand out from other competitors, it also needs to invoke the essence of the enterprise it represents. Our signage department can create visually stunning signs that are sure to get attention wherever they are placed.

Site Signs

Your company can gain a lot of publicity by the work it produces, but without a proper site sign that is visually appealing and easy to read at a fast glance, your hard work is lost. Having your company's sign next to your work is just as important as a fine arts painter including his signature on his masterpiece.

Sales Center Graphics

For a new community intent on increasing property value and worth, an investment in a beautiful sales center complete with beautifully hung graphics, just might be what is needed.